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Stage 1: Introduction / Familiarisation of Ultralight flying:


Applicant must be minimum 18 years of age. Copy of Computerized National Identity Card and two recent photographs are required:

  1. To submit temporary membership form duly filled and signed along with RS 3500/- being annual subscription

  2. To submit form for enrollment in introduction / familiarization of Ultralight flying. Fee for one hour of familiarization / introductory flying is Rs. 6800/-

  3. A deposit of Rs. 1000/= as cost of prospectus / forms

All payments shall be made through bank challan available at USFC

Approval of temporary membership and enrollment in stage 1 of the training programme shall take minimum 2 working days after which appointment for flying can be coordinated with manager operations.



Stage 2: Regular flying training programme for Ultralight Aircraft:


  1. Applicant will provide Security Clearance obtained from special branch police & concerned local police station on prescribed form which shall be provided by USFC

  2. Class “II” medical fitness required for which please contact us with following medical tests;

    • E. C. G

    • Chest X-Ray

    • Vision Clearance (6/6 with glasses also acceptable)

    • Complete Urine Test

    (Above reports are to be signed and name stamped by the specialist doctor)

    We shall arrange CAA doctor's appointment for the check-up (Doctor's fee is Rs. 1000/-)


  3. Training programme shall consist of ground training as well as minimum eleven hours flying with instructor and minimum five hours solo flying

  4. Training is conducted by CAA approved instructors of the club and as per syllabus / training programme approved by CAA

  5. Training can be completed within 2 to 3 months depending on the student’s background / skills and availability of the instructor and the student. Training can be extended depending upon student’s budget & time availability

  6. Students will be provided with a kit bag comprising CAA approved training syllabus / books, Newsletters, Cap, Brochures / Profile & Sticker. Cost of the kit bag is Rs.5000/=. Ground training fee is Rs. 5000/-

  7. A deposit of minimum RS 30,000/= as advance towards hourly flying training charges shall be required. Payment shall be made through bank challan. (Flying training charges are Rs. 6800/= per hour with instructor and solo flying charges are Rs. 6200/= per hour.)

  8. After submission of forms and fee for stage 2, minimum 2 working days are required for processing of application. Thereafter schedule of training programme may be taken from the Manager Operations of the club

  9. Student / trainee must abide by all the rules and regulations and discipline of the club

  10. Above indicated charges and terms are subject to change without notice





M. Usman Malik


Registered Office:

Operations Manager

Office # 701, Al-Qadir Heights


1-Babar Block, New Garden Town, Lahore

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0300 - 8405432

0345 - 4112233




+92 (0) 42 3568 8174 -77


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Flying Operations:

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